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basement waterproofingWater may enter a basement through various means including through joints, walls, or floors. Various basement waterproofing systems address these problems. There are many systems available of varying cost, effectiveness, and installation invasiveness specially used membranes in this field are protection board sheets.

Determining the location of water seepage is essential to choosing the appropriate solution or the necessary structural repairs to achieve waterproofing of foundation. Moisture seeps through the walls, through the floor or floor/wall joint, or over the top of the wall. Marking the source while the seepage is active will ensure proper identification by our professional foundation service.

Damp proofing or waterproofing?

Foundation damp proofing is usually done during construction to meet minimal building code standards. If a basement is unfinished, most building codes only require damp proofing. Unfortunately, many of the builders do not realize the difference between the two processes.

Only foundation waterproofing will correct moisture seepage involving hydrostatic pressure bearing against the external foundation. Damp proofing involves using hot liquid asphalt and rubber coating with an insulating panel. Damp proofing only deters penetration because they are applied internally and the water is still able to penetrate the foundation externally. Foundation waterproofing systems are applied externally to the foundation, effectively preventing water penetration from seeping through the foundation.

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Hydrostatic Pressure

Rainwater seeps into the soil and builds up pressure against your foundation walls. This "hydrostatic pressure" can exert tons of force causing your basement to leak and crack.

Basement and Buckled Walls

When water builds up in the soil around your home it creates pressure underneath your cellar floor. This pressure can exert enough force to cause your concrete floor to crack and leak.

Cracked and Buckled Walls

Hydrostatic pressure can press against your wet basement walls causing cracks or even buckling of the walls. Heavy, wet soil continually presses against your foundation walls. Saturated soil around your home in winter months can dramatically accelerate frost damage to your foundation.

Re-Sale Value of Home Diminished

A wet cellar can dramatically reduce the value of your home. Studies show that most people won't even consider buying a home with water leakage. Selling a home with water leaks can easily result in as much as a 25% reduction in the sale price.

Poorly draining window wells will lead to leaks. Seal joists of window wells and install drainage connected to wiping tile system.


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