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Ottawa Foundation Inc. is specialize in foundation repair and waterproofing residential, commercial and industrial structures.

We are qualified technicians and have been in the same business since 1989 with education in civil and structural engineering. Experience with the top leaders in construction chemistry industry Isola and Ceresit-Henkel, Germany give us knowledge to work with large potential of materials in that business.
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Isola Platon cavity drain membranes

Isola Platon cavity drain membranest Key products for waterproofing include Isola Platon cavity drain membranes, which are designed for use in all cellar or basement waterproofing projects to control the ingress of damp or running water.

A complete range of Isola Platon polyethylene studded membranes is available which can be specified according to the application and which work on the principle of allowing the damp or running water to travel behind the membrane to a controlled drainage system. Benefits of cavity drain membranes over other damp proofing methods include the minimal disturbance and preparation required to the existing substrate and their toleration of structural movement

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