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basement crack repairDo you have visible cracks in your foundation? Are you finding water or dampness but aren't sure why? Within a few months or years of construction, many basements begin to crack and develop dampness or seepage from outside. If you can see dampness or smell musty odors, you may have a problem. Protect your foundation from further damage by repairing cracks as soon as you can.

If you have found water, dampness, seepage or musty odors in your basement, you may have cracks you are not aware of. Cracks are caused by many factors including settling, shrinkage, water pressure and ground swelling. We will repair your foundation crack (s) with this popular techniques:

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Epoxy injection are two component low viscosity materials requiring mixing before application. Low viscosity allows materials to flow freely and penetrate completely into a crack area. Epoxy used for injection applications has no movement capabilities and will crack again if original cracking or movement causes are not alleviated. Typically, epoxy injection is used to restore concrete and masonry substrates to sound condition.

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Polyurethane Injection is flexible and allows for natural movement of the concrete due to thermal shrinkage and expansion. Polyurethane crack injection expands over 20 times its volume and can be used to repair wet or even leaking crack.

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Unfortunately, cracks and other foundation issues are not always simple to repair. Sometimes there are other factors that affect the structure of your home that require excavation and rebuilding of the concrete in order to properly repair the issue. In these situations we use a combination of methods including excavation in order to identify and repair the issue at hand.

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The cracks in the concrete floor can be small and normal but they may indicate a bigger problem. Cracks in a concrete floor are caused by a number of factors including:

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Anything which substantially disturbs the balance between the ground and the structure can promote new settlement.

If you don't fix the crack, it will leak! Ignoring the problem today will create more problems tomorrow:

Sealant sometimes cracks over time due to age or incorrect installation. If the sealant is cracked, the cracked sealant must be removed and replaced with new.

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